1) Be willing to only say or do especially in secret what will contribute to solutions not problems 
2) Focus on making things right rather than fighting for your right, that’s maturity 
3) Be willing to see things from other people’s perspective even if they’re wrong, at least it will help you redefine your relationship with them 
4) It takes two people to fight. You cannot be totally right in personal conflicts. Take responsibility for your shortcomings even when others don’t. It will give you the advantage of personal growth 
5) people only enjoy your presence if they feel valued. Never talk down on people. Know your place if you want to offer correction
6) learn to forgive. Offences are inevitable 
7) Reduce the room of offense by regulating intimacy and creating protocols for access. Control your own need for trust and intimacy that makes you assume the level of people’s loyalty. Disappointment comes when others fall short of your expectations but it takes emotional stability to determine what that expectation should be in the first place. Wounds of betrayal takes God to quickly recover from 
8) As a last resort cut off from some people, the Bible calls them wicked and unreasonable men


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