The truth be told many of us know especially if you are older that you could have done much better if only you had disciplined your emotional tendencies and excesses. However you can choose a life of discipline today; It can NEVER be too late for any human being who is alive to achieve something significant with their lives ‘For to him that is joined to all the living there is HOPE:..’ Eccl 9:4 KJV. YOU can still be that preacher, soldier, musician/artist, business man/woman, educator, lawyer, Doctor, Architect e. t. c you’ve always wanted to be. obviously you cant control what others have decided to do with their lives but you can drive yourself by the help of God in the direction that maximizes you. Stop making excuses discipline is it!
How To Develop A LIFE OF Discipline :
1) Live according to a plan: A plan could be to define what you want or not want. The truth is if you don’t pre-determine what you want you’ll settle for anything else. And a good information base is the foundation to good decision making. Information is power. The impact of Ignorance is devastating compared to the expenses of education. Pay any price to know more.
plan 3 things: your ultimate goal in life, the investment of your time and the improvement of your gifts and talents
2) Exercise your WILL. No weak willed person has a future. The ability to take risk and be decisive is a product of a strong will. Morally Youll do a lot of regrettable things if you are weak willed. See this “… he that standeth stedfast in his heart, having no (emotional) necessity, but hath power over his OWN WILL,.. “1 COR 7:37. Listen your flesh wants to do only the things that will mess you up. It realy only wants leisure, pleasure, food, sleep, water, sex. None of these alone CANEVER MAKE YOU A STAR!. A strong will is demonstrated more by your ability to say NO than yes!
3) Develop Convictions: Nothing empowers you in your times of fear, temptation and pressure like your indisolvable insights. what are convictions? They are the unshakeable conclusions you’ve drawn in your times of deep meditation. They’re are the irrefutable facts that constitute your belief system. They’re what makes you immoveable. They make you unchangeable when fashion, moral codes, people and circumstances change. They’re your STRONG REASONS. Isaiah 41:21. Think and think until it strikes! Stay on the facts mentally until it sticks! until light dawns on you. And for me only scriptural and bible based convictions are immortal. May God give you inner strength to live a life without shame and reproach!


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